Men's Underwear Tagline

Jockey asked for a new line to feature on their packaging that would speak to the brand promise and, in effect, raise brand perception.  We presented options in three concept groups, the third containing lines meant to intrigue shoppers and inspire them to discover what makes Jockey special.

Jockey 2.png

For the uncomman

concept write-up: Why settle for the ordinary when you’re so extraordinary? It’s time to rise above average from the inside out — and you can start with your underwear. With Jockey, you always know you’re getting the style, comfort, and long-lasting quality you demand, plus complete confidence that your garment will keep its shape and fit, wash after wash. You stand out from the crowd. So should your underwear.

life by Jockey

We were tasked with creating in-store messaging that expressed Jockey’s brand promise of comfort and long-lasting quality.

jockey 3.png
jockey 4.png

Jockey Air

Jockey Air was a new line of underwear targeted toward “sport light.”  The fabric is light, breathable, and wicks sweat quickly, making it the perfect option for what we titled, “Sunday Sports.”

chosen concept 

chosen concept 

runner-up concept

runner-up concept