"Mona Lisa"

Multiple times a year, we are asked to come up with ways our brands can give back to the community-at-large by creating an own-able solution to an identified problem.   


motherhood shouldn't be rushed

you can't put a deadline on bonding with your newborn

 the problem

Nearly 1 in 4 employed mothers return to work withintwo weeks of childbirth.*

Women who have fewer than 12 weeks of maternity leave are more likely to experience symptoms of depression.** And paid parental leave can reduce infant mortality by up to 10%.

pivotal moment

The first two weeks of a newborn’s life are when many moms truly start to grasp the enormity of motherhood. And for 25% of moms, that’s exactly when they have to return to work.

pivotal idea

Dove is standing up to advocate for paid parental leave and will work with The National Partnership for Women and Families to support legislation that mandates paid maternity leave.

In addition, a partnership with KickStarter will use proceeds from Baby Dove to give moms in need more paid days off.

behavioral change

From seeing bath time as just part of the daily baby care routine to seeing it as a precious bonding moment, moms will notice the impact bonding with their baby has and know other moms will benefit from those moments too. 


**Research has shown that longer maternity leaves, whether paid or unpaid, are associated with a decline in depressive symptoms, a reduction in the likelihood of severe depression, and an improvement in overall mental health. (http://www.nber.org/papers/w17715)