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To quote their own About page, Alma means "a woman of childbearing age who has not had kids."  I am a woman of childbearing age who has not had kids, and I love contributing to this female-centric site. 


Sexless in the city

At the encouragement of friends, I began chronicling my silly, inexperienced, and uncomfortable dating experiences.

all write, already

This started as a place to house work I was producing for two writing classes - Creative Nonfiction and Journalism: Deconstructing the Blog.  Now, it functions like a digital flash drive, holding pieces that do not fit elsewhere, were experiments, or are geared toward its loyal readership of one (I am the one). 

Hello Giggles

Several years ago, I wrote an article that sounded a lot like a commencement speech and submitted it to HelloGiggles.  It was warmly received by the editors, and I was asked to be a regular contributor.


  1. People only read online articles if they come in list form
  2.  I posted my first (and only) list to BuzzFeed

the conversation

In anticipation of the launch of their new website, The Conversation asked women to submit articles on a range of suggested topics to be featured on launch day.  My chosen piece is linked here.